PC-900B Handheld Capnograph and Oximeter

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A handheld device that conveniently monitors the concentration of EtCO2, respiration rate, pulse and saturation of SPO2.


PC-900B for Dentists

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Product Description

PC-900B PC-900B折页输出

PC-900B Handheld Capnograph and Pulse Oximeter

  • 3.5 inch TFT, monitoring EtCO2/CO2, RR and SpO2, PR
  • Temperature, Pressure compensation system and Zero readjustment system
  • Balance gas compensation minimizing influence against other gases
  • Lung pressure and temperature compensation (BTPS compensation) available
  • Applicable for intubated or non-intubated patients
  • Pump flux for adult and infant
  • Water filter specially designed for heavy humid environment
  • Audio and Visual alarm for exceeding limits and Apnea
  • 24 hours graphic trend can be stored after power-off
  • Standard with MoveOxy™, optional with Nellcor SpO2
  • USB Connectivity to PC for data transfer

Packing List

  • 1 Main Set
  • 2 Water Filter T3
  • 1 Sampling Line
  • 1 Airway Adaptor
  • 1 Adult SpO2 Sensor
  • 1 USB Data Cable
  • 1 AC/DC Adapter
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Silicon Cover
  • 1 Canvas Bag
  • 1 Support Base
  • 1 Nasal Cannula


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Weight2.56 lbs
Dimensions11.5 × 7.5 × 4.2 in


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