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PC-66H Handheld Pulse Oximeter

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The CMI Health PC-66H Handheld Pulse Oximeter monitors SpO2, Pulse Rate and Perfusion Index. It is a great device for children and infants. With a variety of different SpO2 sensors, the PC-66H is ideal for both spot checking and continuously monitoring. (Pediatric sensors and infant sensors are optional, not include in the original product.)

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Product Description

ONLY compatible with CMI SpO2 sensors!

Please DO NOT connect Nellcor™, Masimo, or other brand sensors to this device! 

PC-66H Handheld Pulse Oximeter (one adult sensor included)

    • Light,small in size and easy to carry for long time monitoring
    • High resolution LCD to display SpO2, PR, and plethysmogram
    • Optional pediatric and neonatal sensors
    • Stored data can be uploaded to PC for further review and analysis; Up to 384 hours of continuous oximetry data storage(Record data once every 1/2/4/8 seconds)
    • Over limit indication
  • Powered by 3 AA batteries


Packing list:

  • 1 Handheld Pulse Oximeter Unit
  • 1 Adult SpO2 Sensor
  • 1 SpO2 Extension Cord
  • 3 AA Batteries
  • 1 USB Data Cable
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Metal Stand
  • 1 Carry Case

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Weight1.06 lbs
Dimensions9.5 × 6.3 × 2.8 in

15 reviews for PC-66H Handheld Pulse Oximeter

  1. pardiez

    My son has downsyndrom and has oxigen problems at night and it was a nightmare, but with this we finali can sleep better because has an alarm an works great

  2. baryon_98 (verified owner)

    A year ago I bought the CMI model PC-66H from Amazon web site (for ~190$) with adult finger sensor for use to monitor over night the oxygen level and heart rate of my 93 years old mother in law, it work quite well that we can sleep knowing that if any problem happen to her, the unit will sound the alarm that quite loud that we can hear it from the next room, it actually happened several times which we have to give her oxygen mask. The unit built is quite good quality with long cable for use with 3 different kind of sensors Adult, Pediatric and infant.(the unit come standard with adult sensor).
    Another nice feature is that you can use with 3 AA batteries or an optional power adapter which available at for less than 15$. I am really impress with the quality, features, price point and reliability of the PC-66H which very hard to find unless you want to settle for hospital style unit which cost close to 1000$, BTW, I just bought another one which on sale for 186$ with bonus pediatric sensor from
    One particular thing is the super customer service; I am able to talk directly with Joan and then Tina plus tech support whenever I have any problem and always ending with very good impression.
    In conclusion, I am wholeheartedly recommend the PC-66H from for anyone that have the need to continuous monitor oxygen level and heart rate over night or 24 hours/day.

  3. garywr61 (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with this product. As a home health care nurse it is very useful for patients I visit that do not have a pulse oximeter in their home.

  4. croszak

    We purchased the unit directly from CMI health and were extremely satisfied with the product and experience. Tina Chen was the CMI Health Team rep who assisted me throughout, and was always professional, timely, and thorough. The product, well…there aren’t too many infant-compatible meters, but this one rates and performs the best. Our daughter had a preemie who was on oxygen because of lung development and altitude. It was scary at first given the unknown, but this device allowed us to routinely monitor oxygen and eventually notify the doctor that the pulmonary study could be administered. There is a feature that allows you to track, download, and document the results. This was critical for the doctor’s determination to move forward and order the study. The form, fit, function, on a preemie was awesome. I highly rate this product.

  5. luke.chambers (verified owner)

    Product is fantastic. My son that is about to turn 9 months old has down syndrome and is still on oxygen. We live in Colorado and are set to visit family at lower altitude, looking forward to being able to test him on the go and monitor throughout the night on our own schedule as well as during the long car ride. Only critique I would offer is a more intuitive website to order from, had to search and carefully read for proper accessories. No issues at all though, completely satisfied customer here.

  6. steveandbert-l (verified owner)

    I am happy with the device, it is working exactly as described and the ability to upload the data to a computer is very useful. I will likely be placing an order for the optional AC adapter in the near future.

  7. jeanine122 (verified owner)

    PC-66HHandheld Pulse Oximeter Monitors Review: We are very happy with this product! We bought it for our son (age 4) who has severe croup attacks, asthma attacks and heart issues – SVT Tachycardia. He was having most his issue at night while we was sleeping and by the time we knew he was having an attack, it was an emergency 911 call. So we decided to invest in this monitor and it was the best thing we could have done. Since using the monitor, it has given us great information to be able to share with our doctors and also alert us when he is having an issue before it gets to bad. It also gives us a base line as to when to go to the doctor or use rescue medication. We additionally bought the pediatric finger sensors for both spot checks and long term use at night. They fit his finger perfect. This Oximeter works great and is very accurate. We even had it tested by our cardiologist and it was spot on to theirs. The alarm setting works great and tells us if he is having an issue at night while we are sleeping. It gives us peace of mind. I would also suggest buying the AC Power Adapter for backup if the batteries go dead. Additionally, we bought this unit directly from the website and was very happy with the service. The unit shipped out right away and we received it very quickly with no problems. They even through in a travel Oximeter with the sales they were having. Overall, GREAT unit for the price and easy to read and use.

    The only thing I would change on this unit is that it does not turn on or off right away when you push the power button. You have to push and hold the power button for 3-5 seconds for it to turn on or off. At first I thought it was broken and wasn’t working when we first got it. But now I know you just have to press and HOLD the power button until it turns on. Not a big deal.

  8. rentechd

    I have been going a bit nuts trying to find a way to monitor my daughter for apnea. She has had 2 apnea monitors during her life and both were provided by Children’s Hospital. However they were big and heavy machines that you really could not take with you and the last one she had broken about 6 months after she had gotten too old for Children’s Hospital services, We have spent months looking for a replacement but none of the medical supply companies around her have them and say they cannot get them even with it being something insurance would pay for. I was extremely happy to find the PC-66H device recommended to me on Amazon and I quickly bought it. I was not that hopefully it would meet all our needs given the price but it certainly did. She is able to use it continuously at night and if she naps during the day and her service dog quickly picked up on the tone of the beep that mean her sats had dropped. We have already ordered the power adapter so we will not have to keep batteries in it every night and also ordered the wrap around electrode as the clip on one does tend to get pulled off during her sleep. The only thing I wish was that they also offeren the disposable electrodes that are like a bandage, stay on very well, and can be reused for 5-6 days; or that in the specs here about the electrode/device what type of disposable electrode it is compatible with. Otherwise its a great device and pretty much worth more than it cost

  9. marsha_sparks (verified owner)

    I ordered this for our 5-year old granddaughter to check her oxygen level as she slept. I was able to monitor her today while she took a nap. I am quite pleased. I am a registered nurse and have been concerned as to whether or not she become hypoxic during her sleep. We wanted to use this prior to a sleep study and today was a preliminary trial. I really like how I can upload the data and visualize the waves. Also, I really like that a report can be printed to have available for the PCP or specialist to review.

    In addition I would like to express my appreciation for your customer service. I did not see that there was a plug for the pulse oximeter until after I placed the order. I immediately contacted customer service and was advised to order the plug and I would receive an immediate credit for the shipping (as it would all ship together). This is EXACTLY what occurred! Thank you so much for your amazing customer service.

  10. batmancrazy92

    My son loves sitting down now for me to check is spo2 he thinks he’s helping me when we do it since he can press the buttons. It is very accurate as well

  11. Sheila Timothy (verified owner)

    We purchased the unit directly from CMI health and are extremely satisfied with the product. Their customer service is exceptional, questions are answered quickly whenever you call the service number. The product fulfills the needs of our office.

  12. drdanielle (verified owner)

    Bought this mainly for the infants in our pediatric clinic. We’ve used it a few times since purchase, and it has been easy to use, with reliable results.

  13. lauretteho (verified owner)

    Awesome handheld oximeter, has a nice stand to keep upright. Reads quickly. The infant foot wrap works really well.

  14. v_naymon (verified owner)

    We use this to monitor my daughters oxygen and heart rate after frequent seizures. It works perfectly. It lasts forever. It has allowed us to sleep. Highly recommended product.

  15. cliff822

    Purchased hand held oximeter PC – 66H. Received it very quickly and found it very easy to set up. Really like the stand provide and the sturdy case it came in. The unit works perfectly. and has excellent battery life when needed. Am very satisfied with the product and highly recommend it.

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