Infant Foot Wrap SpO2 Sensor #72 (under 25 lbs)

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Recommended Patients : Infants and toddlers under 25 lbs

Preferred Site : Patient’s foot, on the edge of instep right next to the little toe.

This sensor is only compatible with CMI Health PC-66H/L Handheld Pulse Oximeter series.

The blue wrap should be changed every 2-3 weeks depending on using scenario. Replacement wrap could be found at:

For more detail of product information, operation and warning, please download the product manual:


SpO2 measuring range: 35%~100%
SpO2 measuring accuracy: Arms value (defined in ISO 9919 /ISO 80601-2-61) is not greater than 3% in the range of 70%~100%.
Pulse Rate measuring range: 30bpm~250bpm
Pulse Rate measuring accuracy: ±2bpm or ±2%,
whichever is greater.
Wavelength: Red light: 663nm, Infrared light: 890nm

1 review for Infant Foot Wrap SpO2 Sensor #72 (under 25 lbs)

  1. collegeplazapeds

    Loving this product. CMI was very helpful when I misunderstood the packaging and made everything right! Works great and very easy to use even with very active infants!

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