Best Buy launches a program for remote healthcare.  CMI Health Inc. (CMI) is proud to have been selected to be a part of the important Best Buy remote healthcare program.  CMI’s Smart Pillbox — “Memo Box” has been selected to display in Best Buy’s remote healthcare display.

CMI’s Award-winning Pillbox — Memo Box is an important tool for Smart Medication Management.


Don’t know if your loved one has taken their meds, or not?  Perhaps they can’t remember themselves?  Not to worry, CMI Health’s award winning Smart Pillbox — Memo Box will let you know.  The Memo Box alerts when it is time to take meds and informs designated caregivers if the medication does not appear to have been taken as scheduled.  The app that accompanies the Memo Box even allows caregivers to communicate via a “poke” (like Facebook) or by a toll-free phone call from anywhere in the world to remind the person to take their meds. Memo Box has internationally acclaimed software having been designated the winner of the renowned Red Dot Award 2016 and A’Design Award and Competition 2017.  Memo Box is an important feature to better track medication management.  For example, when it is time to take your medicine the Memo Box via a LED light will blink green, but if one attempts to take medicine when it isn’t time, the Memo Box will blink red thereby avoiding an incidence of double-dosing.  A history of one’s medication schedule compliance is kept by the application software for review by caregivers. Simply by operating the compatible iOS App and Android App, one can follow medication intake and extend needed care to their loved ones.


CMI’s Memo Box is Affordable, Easy to Use, Light to Carry, and with Free App.


The Memo Box offers a variety of pill cartridge containers to best match specific prescription requirements, including a convenient 7-day cartridge tray so one can load up medications for an entire week, to assist individuals and their caregivers in managing for their needs. Obviously, if one purchase multiple 7- day trays, they can load up even weeks at a time if that better meets their needs. The Memo Box is powered by a replaceable button battery that has an expected life of approximately one year.  The box itself is light-weight and easy to carry and includes built-in Bluetooth to connect to the Memo Health App (downloadable free on App Store and Google Play).



Get a Memo Box at Your Favorite Best Buy Store!


Beginning May 2018, you can find the three options of our Memo Box Pink/Blue/Silver Deluxe Memo Box and the 7-day Exchange Cartridge directly on Best Buy’s online store and it includes free shipping! Best Buy makes available in select stores the Memo Box – Silver Deluxe.