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PC-900B Handheld Capnograph

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Why CMI Health?

CMI Health designs and distributes personal health management devices that leverage “smart” technology for remote testing and monitoring in the areas of medication management (SMART Pillboxes), pulmonary diseases (SMART Spirometers) for asthma, COPD, Obstructive Sleep Apnea (SMART Home Sleep Monitor) to name a few.
Our mission is to provide high quality,“Best in Breed” medtech products that are more cost-effective monitoring devices for patients receiving care at home, in the community or in a care facility as well as Individuals who want to be more proactive in managing theirs and their family's health.
Utilizing our “smart” technology clinicians and caregivers can monitor patients in real-time and expediting the transfer and sharing of patient data between the patient and healthcare professional.
This technology is convenient, more cost effective and less time consuming. With the number of aging and chronically ill patients increasing, remote monitoring using telemedicine is playing a more important and beneficial role in maximizing treatment outcomes and giving peace of mind to their family members and other caregivers.